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Don’t hibernate.

There’s no need to spend winter plodding between work and the lounge. Recharge with some fresh Yarra Valley air, country views, local wine and delicious food. Winter is a breathtaking time to visit the Yarra Valley for the day or the weekend. Moody lush green hills await you as well as more than 80 cellar doors each with a different story and different wines.

Winter in the Valley means that the harvest is over and all the grapes are turning into wine in the barrels. You can see the barrels in most of the cellar doors. Ask the staff about their journey and taste previous year’s results to discover what to anticipate when it’s time for bottling vintage 2016.

Winter also means that the apples and pears have been picked and the cider is being brewed and bottled. The orchards and vines lose their leaves, get pruned and go into the dormant phase until just before spring. You become very aware of the natural world and the environment out here, both the early morning and evening mists blanket the mountains while kangaroos jump through rows of vines, it’s just our beautiful ecosystem at work.

The Yarra Valley is famous for it’s cold climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, however as all wine lovers understand, each wine varies from maker to maker and vineyard to vineyard. Other varietals to expect in our neighbourhood include Syrah, Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet, Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer, sparkling and more. Of course we also offer bespoke gin, artisan beer and food glorious food. The Valley can not be mastered in one day, so take your time and get to know all of our treasures. Perhaps start with a glass of red or two next to an open fire at one of our spectacular vineyards and see where it takes you.

Gumboot Season

 It’s not all about open fires and red wine though, throughout July a number of our cellar doors challenge you to Gumboot season! Sure gumboots are good attire for traipsing through lush but soggy vineyards but we’ve taken it to another level. Once again for the whole month of July we invite you to wander the Yarra Valley and our Cellar Doors in gumboots taking part in fun competitions, games, wine purchase discounts and surprise offers! Our Yarra Valley Gumboot season cellar doors are Boat ‘O Craigo, Coombe – The Melba Estate, De Bortoli Wines, Greenstone Vineyards, Hargreaves Hill, Helen’s Hill Estate, Helen & Joey Estate, Mandala Wines, Oakridge Wines, Payne’s Rise, Punt Road Wines, Seville Hill, Shaws Road Winery, Squitchy Lane and Sutherland Estate. Each of these venues are offering discounts on wine purchases at the cellar door as well as individual surprises and offers, but only if you are in gumboots! Stay in touch with our social pages for updates on promotions throughout the month and make some plans to join us for the winter, you won’t regret it, cheers!

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