YAVA Out and About

YAVA Gallery and Arts Hub brings you 'YAVA Out and About' for a Fireside pop-up gallery experience across the Yarra Valley. YAVA artists will be onsite at Warramunda Estate, Coombe Yarra Valley, Sutherland Estate, Shaws Road Winery and Helen's Hill Estate creating works using various mediums including 3D felting, charcoal, watercolour and life-drawing to capture the immediate (yet fleeting) moment, warmth, […]


Seville Estate 37 Linwood Road, Seville, Seville, Victoria, Australia

SenseFest is an interdisciplinary/multi-media 3-day event, from Friday 18th - Sunday 20th November at Seville Estate, being run under the umbrella of YAVA, Out & About. The event is constructed to deliberately juxtapose simultaneous/time-based visual, auditory, taste, spatial, haptic and intellectual stimuli, with the intention of promoting active and conscious reflection on the relationships between […]