2019 Mac Forbes Coldstream Villages Pinot Noir

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Mac chooses not to provide traditional tasting notes for any of his wines. They capture the life and vitality of the vineyard and are constantly evolving in the bottle. As such, the only tasting notes that matter are yours.

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Mac Forbes began his own wine label in 2004, determined to further his own understanding of Australian soils and climate. The aim was to find the balance of wines he loved to drink with the unique environment of the Yarra Valley.

In 2019, Mac Forbes released a new range of wines, the ‘Villages’ tier, that reflects the various sub-regional influences of the Yarra Valley. Mac and his team were drawn to different soils, valleys, mountains and the resulting variation in winds, rain, solar radiation and ultimately the different expressions of plant, fruit and wine produced.

The 2019 Coldstream Villages Pinot Noir features the Coldstream sub-region, located at the entrance of the Valley floor, it’s low in elevation with grey/loam clay-based soils. Ripping winds from the north slow transpiration in summer but the cooler overnight temperatures aid the plants ability to regulate after hot days making this classic valley floor area suitable for many varieties. Ironstone/mudstone is a consistently big influence, building full mid-palate structure with soft, melting tannins.