Full Membership

$289.00$12,365.00 / year


All memberships must be paid in full by 31st September
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Start a payment plan

Choose to pay your membership in instalments. 60% due by 31st July, 40% due by 30th September. Minimum $500 increments.

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A Full Member refers to a person or entity who:

  • Conducts a bearing vineyard within the Yarra Valley region having an area of not less than 1 hectare OR
  • Conducts a business of winemaking within the Yarra Valley region producing a minimum of 300 x 9 litre cases or equivalent of wine from Yarra Valley fruit conforming to the Label Integrity Program requirements as outlined by the Australian Grape and Wine Authority.

Fees for full membership are calculated based on four components:

  • Base Fee (payable annually)
  • Cellar Door Fee (applies to all wineries operating a Cellar Door facility)
  • Total area of hectares under vine whether owned or leased
  • Total tonnes of grapes crushed in 2020 for your own label(s)

Wineries are requested to contribute 12 bottles of wine to the Wine Yarra Valley’s promotional stock per year. This will be called upon when required.

Membership fees can be paid either in full or in two instalments. Instalment payments terms are as follows:

  • First payment of 60% due by 31st July 2021
  • Second payment of 40% due by 30th September 2021

If payment is not received by the due dates:

  • Your membership will not be valid and all rights and privileges of membership, including voting rights, will be immediately withdrawn and;
  • Wine Yarra Valley will have incurred costs on your behalf and will be entitled to seek recovery of the full amount due.

See the full rules of membership here