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Quality wine glasses really do make a difference.

Riedel Glasses

When you get home with your wine purchases after your visit to the Yarra Valley, don’t forget that our wines will taste even better when they’re served in quality wine glasses.

Riedel wine glasses have been used at cellar doors and winery restaurants right across the Yarra Valley for many years. In fact they have quickly become the industry standard.

Claus Riedel discovered 40 years ago that the shape and size of your glass has a profound affect on your perception of aroma and flavour. Riedel has designed a range of grape varietal specific glasses with the help of the global wine industry and continues to test and develop their products to keep up with evolving wine styles.

So, when you’re drinking your favourite Yarra Valley wine at home make it a priority to enjoy your wine in as good a quality wine glass as possible. This will enhance the flavours of the wine and give you and your friends the opportunity to enjoy our wines as our winemakers intended them to be.

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