The Yarra Valley Wine Region

The Yara Valley Wine Region

The world’s great wines evoke a sense of place and tell a story of the land, the season and the grape. The Yarra River has meandered its way through the hills of the wine region for many thousands of years and the unique landscape and terrain have created a vast array of growing sites for outstanding cool climate wines.

The wine region situated just 45 kilometres east of Melbourne’s CBD, the Yarra Valley is a large and diverse region. So diverse, it is hard to make any conclusive observations when you consider the range of influences which include both Mediterranean and continental climates, elevation from 50m – 1250m including the influence of the Great Dividing Range, and a number of soil types. All these influences in addition to the standard factors such as varying rainfall, temperatures, wind etc contribute to a dynamic and varied region that continues to challenge and excite. It is the geology of the Yarra Valley that primarily drives and dictates varietal plantings and their resulting expressions.

To pigeon hole the Yarra into one box is to omit what ultimately makes the Yarra so exciting.

Victoria’s Yarra Valley wine region is a legally defined Geographical Indication (GI). A GI is an official description of an Australian wine region, designed to protect the use of the regional name under international law.

Wine labelled “Yarra Valley” must consist of at least 85% Yarra Valley fruit.  This upholds label integrity and safeguards the consumer.

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