Maroondah Phylloxera Infested Zone

The Yarra Valley is covered by two distinct phylloxera zones, a Phylloxera Infested Zone (PIZ) and a Phylloxera Risk Zone (PRZ)

Phylloxera Infested Zone

A PIZ is an area in which phylloxera has been detected. They are established to prevent the spread of the pest from the area. When phylloxera is detected on a vineyard, a 5km buffer zone is created around the vineyard and this is referred to as the PIZ. There are currently six PIZ’s in Victoria.

Phylloxera Risk Zone

A PRZ is an area which has an undetermined phylloxera status. The area has not been surveyed and declared free of phylloxera and is at risk from a neighboring area.

Maroondah PIZ

The Maroondah PIZ is the PIZ within the Yarra Valley. The map below shows the boundary of the PIZ. All areas of the Yarra Valley outside the PIZ are classified as a PRZ.

The Maroondah PIZ was last extended in April 2017. A written explanation of the PIZ is available here Maroondah PIZ Written Explanation.

A PDF version of the Maroondah Phylloxera Infested Zone map in available here.

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