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Phylloxera is one of a number of pests and diseases that can be found in vineyards. It is an aphid like insect that feeds on the root system of grapevines causing direct damage to the roots and allowing infections by fungi and bacteria, which leads to gradual decline in vine health and vigour.

•   It develops a crawler stage and is active on vine foliage between December and April.eggs-3

•   It is a vineyard pest and has no effect on wine quality nor does it present any human health issues.

•   It is controllable and manageable but difficult to eradicate.

•   Phylloxera and other vineyard pests and diseases can be spread via clothing, footwear, vehicles, vineyard equipment and machinery and on grape vine material.

Industry and associated operators should be familiar with the National matchPhylloxera Management Protocols.


Phylloxera Awareness Campaign

Wine Yarra Valley, in collaboration with Agriculture Victoria, has developed a new biosecurity awareness campaign to reinforce the importance of vineyard biosecurity and reduce the risk of phylloxera spreading.

The campaign targets growers, winemakers, contractor services and tourism operators, to reduce the likelihood of further infestations and assist in the management of any new grape phylloxera infestations in the Yarra Valley.

A number of tools have been developed to practical assist to all operators. These tools are available below or by contacting Wine Yarra Valley directly.


Pocket Guide to Managing Phylloxeraphylloxera-pocket-guide-1

The purpose of the Pocket Guide is to assist growers with a best practice approach to on-farm biosecurity measures.


Phylloxera Fact Sheets phylloxera-fact-sheet-1

The five fact sheets are designed to provide best-practice information in key operational areas.
The fact sheet on ‘Managing Contractors and Staff’ has been translated into Hindi, Khmer and Vietnamese.

Fact Sheets
How do I clean and disinfest equipment?

How do I manage  contractors and staff entering and exiting my vineyard?
English   Hindi   Khmer   Vietnamese

How do I manage vistors and tourists entering my vineyard?final artwork for email

What happens if I think my vineyard has phylloxera?

How do I ensure my grapevine planting material is free of phylloxera?





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