Melba Highway

What to taste

This corner of the Yarra Valley is home to both very small boutique wineries producing truly handmade wines as well some of the biggest names in the Australian wine industry. Artisan brewers and cider makers can also be found close to the Melba Highway. A great coffee is always available at Yarra Glen or drop in for a drink at the majestic hotel or the nearby local brewery.

What to eat

Cheese fans will love the Melba Highway, offering producers to visit as well as impressive maturation rooms at various locations. Regular farmers’ markets bring together local, seasonal produce and handmade goodies and if you’re not here on market day you’ll find many roadside stalls selling the freshest produce directly from their farm gates. You’ll also find many restaurants with their own vegetable gardens as well.

What to see

Yarra Glen is home to properties and buildings dating back to the settlement of the Yarra Valley with examples found in the main street. It’s worth turning off the Melba Highway for a drive up into Christmas Hills for an almost bird’s eye view of the Yarra Valley or meander along the various lanes that connect the Melba Highway to Steels Creek.


Initially named Yarra Flats due to the town’s location on the floor of the Yarra Valley and proximity to the Yarra River, the river is an integral part of Yarra Glen as it winds its way around the town. An agricultural town, Yarra Glen boasts a lively country pub, country style cafes, eclectic antique stores, and plenty of parks and open spaces to help you unwind and enjoy the fresh country air.

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