Tom and Sally Belford make the wines for Bobar as simply and naturally as possible in the beautiful Steels Creek region of the Yarra Valley.  These are wines that are allowed to express fully their origins; the place where they came from, the season and the people that nurtured them, and also the fun that was had making them.


Tom and Sally met while studying viticulture in the late 1990’s.  After spending the best part of two decades working throughout wine regions of south-east Australia and France the first Bobar wine was made in 2010, a Syrah.  In 2011 a Chardonnay was added to the range, and in 2016 Cabernet Franc and Gamay wines will also be produced.

There is a small patch of Cabernet Sauvignon on the family property, cared for organically and without irrigation that will have its first harvest in 2016.

The People

We work as sustainably and naturally as possible.  The juices are not manipulated or altered in any way, the ferments are allowed to complete fully using the naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria, the wines are not heated or cooled at any stage and they are bottled without fining or filtration.  We minimise the materials and energy expended at every step in the making of our wines.

We also want delicious wines that delight.

The Wines

Chardonnay – It is grown at the Nenagh Park Vineyard at the base of the Christmas Hills near Yarra Glen.  It faces east, protected from the worst of the summer heat but fully exposed to the morning sun.  The wine is pressed and the juice is put directly to old french oak barrels for natural fermentation.  It usually takes until the end of Spring/mid summer for the alcoholic and malolactic ferments to be complete, after which it is promptly bottled without fining or filtration.  It is a rich and tasty expression of Yarra Valley Chardonnay.

Syrah – These grapes are from the Yarraland vineyard on an exposed north-east facing slope in Chirnside Park.  These grapes are left uncrushed and not destemmed in a fermenter for a week – all whole bunches in a natural carbonic maceration.  They are then pressed and the wine is left to finish its ferments.  After a short maturation the wine is bottled towards the end of Winter without fining or filtration.  It is a light, fragrant and savoury wine.

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