Helen’s Hill Estate

Helen’s Hill Estate is 100% family-owned vineyard and winery with all of the various benefits and wrinkles that come with running a family operation!


Helen’s story.

It turns out that back in the 1950’s John was a businessman working in Collins Street and happened to meet a young lady by the name of Helen. Things progressed, the couple started courting and John plucked up the courage to ask Helen for her hand in marriage.

Helen agreed, but on one condition; John had to buy a farm as Helen had, from a very young age, longed for a life on the land. Following his heart, John bought land in the Yarra Valley and the couple started a family and life on the farm. Tragically, Helen was diagnosed with cancer and passed away leaving John and 2 very young children to carry on.

Some 40 years later throughout our tour of the property John recalled a number of the many “incidents” that seem to happen when you live on the land; “this is where Helen bogged the tractor” and “this is where Helen got put up the tree by the bull” and “this is where Helen planted our first apple tree” and “this is where Helen…..

At the completion of the inspection when we were standing atop of the highest hill enjoying the magnificent views of the Yarra Valley John recalled that in her last weeks Helen would love nothing more than to sit on this hill and look out at the sweeping farm land. He said “this was Helen’s hill…”

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The People

We are the 5th generation of our families to farm – a fact which we are immensely proud of. Each of us explored off-farm careers before bringing our hard earned knowledge back to our agricultural roots.

But before we get too carried away with our achievements we all know that Helen’s Hill Estate would never have got off the drawing board if it wasn’t for our parents, Lewis and Roma. Their intimate knowledge of the land accumulated through years of broad acre farming in the Mallee and years of hard work building the vineyard has been the corner stone to our success.

Our corporate logo depicts the evolution of our enterprise. The wheat sheaf is where we all started, on the land. Some travelled the path of medicine; the serpent and the cross; some entered the world of trading financial markets; the bull and the bear; but we all ended up back on the land; bunch of grapes.


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