Yarra Valley Wine Growers Association

The Yarra Valley Wine Growers Association or Wine Yarra Valley, is a non-profit industry association having the purpose of furthering the development of viticulture, winemaking and tourism in the Yarra Valley.  Our core activities include

– Wine and tourism marketing

– Viticulture and wine making technical support

– Advocacy to ensure Yarra Valley is a priority region for industry bodies and Government.


Our vision

The Yarra Valley will be recognised as a fine wine region recognised internationally for its outstanding cool climate wines, food, beauty and history.


An Explanation

Recognised – Recognition among our target demographics in the Australian domestic market and in our international target markets.

Wine Destination – Destination takes on a duel meaning;
1. Our wines to be the choice for those searching for premium Australian wine in restaurants, bars and retail outlets around the world.
2. The Yarra Valley to be the number 1 wine tourism destination in Australia.

Led by Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – The Yarra Valley is primarily known for high quality Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and whilst these are our lead varieties our other key varieties play an equally important role in our regions story.
Cabernet Sauvignon
Sparkling Wine
See details of the wine of Yarra Valley here.


Our mission

YVWGA is the central body for the Yarra Valley wine industry. We exist for our members and the wider Yarra Valley wine industry. We pride ourselves in having an inclusive approach to everything we do for our members.

We provide:

– Leadership and direction for the continuing development of the Yarra Valley brand locally, nationally and internationally.

– Supporting continuous improvement in grape and wine quality and the ongoing development of wine style.

– Advocacy and representation of the interests of all our members and the wine region to industry, government and community bodies.


YVWGA is a platform for members to work together to achieve greater outcomes than they could individually.


Our Values

Honesty – to make decisions in the best interest of the membership

Inclusive – of the views and aspirations of our members

Integrity – of our wine reputation and wine quality

Commitment – to the Yarra Valley



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