Wine Show Judging

The Judging Process

Exhibits will be judged by two panels of three judges with one supporting associate judges. Each panel will have a panel chair and the entire process will be overseen by Chair of Judges, Tom Carson.

Judging of each exhibit will be conducted under best practice wine show judging procedures. Judges will be separated from the stewarding area and exhibits at all times. Pouring and setup will be done by dedicated stewards to ensure the anonymity of each exhibit.

The judging environment will be carefully regulated to ensure optimal judging conditions. Lighting, temperature, odours and noise will all be carefully monitored. Riedel stemware will be used to judge each exhibit. The number of wines judged at any one time will be carefully managed to ensure judges are always fresh and not suffering from palate fatigue. Exhibits will be scored on a 100 point scale.

The Judges

The judges are carefully selected to ensure there is no regional or stylistic bias. The judges must have a strong background in wine show judging and there is a preference to have a mix of backgrounds which may include: winemaking, wine media, sommeliers and wine retailers.

2020 Judges

Tom Carson – Chair of judges
Damian North
Dan Buckle
Mark O’Callaghan
Sarah Fagan
Tim Perrin
Tim Shand
Tillie Johnston
Tim Dexter






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