Despite only being one hour out of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley feels a world away from city pressures.

Local wine and food meet an idyllic ambience, creating a perfect symphony of experience.

The varietal diversity in the Yarra Valley is one of its most famous features. And even within each variety, there is distinction from one producer to the next, depending on style and location. This means there’s something for everyone, no matter their palate.

The dishes in the Yarra Valley reflect the innovative spirit that drives its winemaking. Crafted with local ingredients, tradition meets progress to bring you a truly unique expression of Australian cuisine.

While a day trip out of Melbourne is easy to do, it’s worth staying for a while to experience as much as possible. The range of accommodation options across the Yarra Valley offer you the flexibility to choose a place that suits you best.

Home to the world-class TarraWarra Museum of Art (TWMA) and other heritage-rich sites and showrooms, it’s been a source of inspiration for hundreds of painters, writers, photographers and performers across an array of disciplines and styles.

The Yarra Valley is a perfect escape from the urban rush. Despite its proximity to Melbourne, it’s a breathtaking composition of national parks, mountain ranges, woodlands and waterfalls.

Local craft takes centre stage through the Yarra Valley’s townships, each of which offer a range of boutiques, providores, farm gates and markets that make for an utterly unique shopping experience.