Yarra Valley Viticulture

Viticulture which is a healthy and productive vineyard is vital to the production of world-class wines.  Yarra Valley grape growers acknowledge wine grapes reflect the site they come from like no other farming endeavour.  Our grape growers work to enhance and strengthen the bond between the wine and the land it originates from, intensifying a sense of place in our wine.

To achieve our goal we tread carefully on our soil, mindful that any farming practice could harm the balance of our soil matrix.  The key to vineyard expression is working to harmonize the physical, biological and nutritional parameters in our soil.  If soils are not balanced then the overall health of the vines and grapes plus resultant wines are compromised.

Ensuring that care and attention is given to the ecosystems within the vineyards plus surrounding native bushland and waterways means healthy, sustainable and productive vineyards will be passed onto the future generations of Yarra Valley grape growers and winemakers.

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